Mona Kattan Shares Some Useful Money-Saving Hacks

Mona Kattan Shares Some Useful Money-Saving Hacks

Mona Kattan Shares Some Useful Money-Saving Hacks

Mona Kattan is not only known for being the creator behind the juicy scented Kayali perfume line but for being an all-around boss-preneur and the living example of why kindness matters most.

Through her social media platforms, she shares a few tips she wishes she had known from her ’20s to help people avoid getting into debt and to save money FAST.

Don’t we all need to learn a thing or two about money-saving?


Tip 1: Prioritise paying off credit card debt

Or avoid getting one, especially if you really don’t need it.


Tip 2: Save aside an amount for yourself every month

Whatever income you have, whatever amount you can keep aside- do it!

Mona says the best way to do this is to just forget about it. Transferring an amount to a separate debit/savings account may be the best way forward for this.


Tip 3: Start a debt diet

Say no to anything you really do not need.

Cut the unnecessary items out of your life and it’ll make a huge difference.


Financial mistakes are inevitable but a quick reminder like this can make a difference 

Kattan advises her followers to make ‘saving money’ the skill that it is, and something that needs to be practiced every day through general habits. 

Slow and steady wins the race, after all. 

If you were looking for more inspiration, YouTube is FILLED with content creators sharing their income-saving hacks and more. Like Avery Heilborn over here, who has managed to save up 80% of his income! 

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