Money Kicks Gifts Rapper NLE Choppa A Copy Of The Quran

Money Kicks

Picture this: Money Kicks, the kid who’s practically swimming in luxury sneakers and NLE Choppa, the US rapper were filmed praying in Dubai and the internet is FULL of praise.

Money Kicks, aka Rashed Belhasa, decided to flip the script and went from flexing his sneaker collection to sharing his spirituality with NLE Choppa who’s currently on vacation in Dubai.

But that’s not all, Money Kicks handed NLE Choppa a Quran as a gift, saying he wanted to share Dubai culture with the artist. He posted the video and captioned it “So proud of you my brother @nlechoppamusic believing in one God alhamdulilah may you be guided to the right path. Big respect”

Along with inviting guests to enjoy his luxurious life in Dubai, Rashed also shares his faith with visitors

Money Kicks shared the videos which racked up over 8 million likes on Tiktok

@moneykicks971 So proud of you my brother @NLE choppa 💜 believing in one god alhamdulilah may you be guided to the right path. Big respect 🤲🏽❤️ #fyp #dubai #nlechoppa #moneykicks #islam ♬ the way of the tears – a‘

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