“Palestine Deserves To hear The Sound Of Peace & Birds Instead Of Bombs 24/7”: Fly With Haifa Advocates For Her Homeland


Haifa Beseisso also known as Fly with Haifa had an incredibly powerful conversation with The Lovin Dubai Show. Haifa spoke about her journey to the Palestinian border to bring Palestinians back to the UAE is inspiring. Haifa Beseisso also shared her experiences, challenges, and hopes for Palestine.

From the outset, Haifa Besso humbly acknowledged that she was just fortunate to be part of the mission. She described the journey as a collective effort, highlighting the incredible resilience and spirit of the Palestinian people she encountered. The flight from Gaza to the UAE became a symbol of hope, filled with patients seeking treatment and heroes displaying remarkable strength in the face of adversity.

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Despite the challenges and sorrow, she witnessed moments of grace, unity, and resilience among the Palestinians. From sharing food on the plane to the determination to rebuild their lives, she found hope amidst the darkness.

Reflecting on her journey, Haifa Beseisso emphasized the importance of speaking up, even in the face of risks and challenges. She highlighted the role of influencers and content creators in raising awareness and driving change, applauding those like Bella Hadid who use their platform for meaningful activism.

However, she also candidly discussed the difficulties of balancing activism with professional commitments, particularly when brands may shy away from controversial topics. Despite these challenges, Haifa Beseisso remains resilient in her commitment to advocating for Palestine and rebuilding Gaza.


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