PODCAST: A Pakistani Entrepreneur Talks About Moving His 10 Million Dollar Business From The US To Dubai

Anika Eliz Baby

PODCAST: Tech Enthusiasts Can Look To This Platform For Meaningful, Client-Centric Digital Solutions

This week on the DUBAI WORKS podcast, we spoke to Abeer Raza, the co-founder and CMO at Tekrevol, a digital solutions provider company, initiated with the aim to provide tech enthusiasts with a platform to create innovative and meaningful digital solutions that create an impact.

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Today, Tekrevol is worth 10 Million dollars and expanding drastically

As the name suggests, Tekrevol is all about revolutionising the Tech industry. They identified a need for a solutions provider that placed the client at the centre and decided to build on that.

Tekrevol is also currently aiming to become another unicorn company by working smarter.


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