Sacha Jafri Reveals The Sacrifice He Made To Create Record-Breaking Art

Sacha Jafri

Sacha Jafri Reveals The Extensive Sacrifice He Made To Create Art

Headline making, Guinness World Record breaking, royal commissions, lunar ambitions, and most importantly, art of a cause, Sacha Jafri is a British artist who has made Dubai his home.

He made headlines in 2020 when he used the ballroom in Atlantis The Palm to create the world’s largest canvas. Eventually called Journey of Humanity, this creation made $62 million and became the third highest price ever paid for a work of art by a living artist.

Barack Obama owns his work, he recently created a piece for Dubai’s royal family and soon, once NASA lands on the moon for the first time in twenty years, Jafri’s work will cement its place in history, when a piece of his art becomes the first official piece of artwork to land on the surface of our moon.

But at what cost? He details the toll on his body during the creation of the record-breaking artwork at Atlantis the Palm, enduring 20-hour workdays for 11 months in a crouched position, which ultimately resulted in 2 surgeries.

Take a listen to one of the most enthralling interviews we’ve had on the show yet. Jafri explains ‘surrendering’ to art and how focusing on pure intentions has allowed him to create magic

Some artists are creating aesthetics… Jafri described where some artists go wrong and how humility and gratitude allow him to continue to create

Watch it here

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