Emirates Launch The World’s Largest Vertical Farm Right Here In Dubai

Anika Eliz Baby

Fresh food even as you travel? Count on Dubai to make that dream come true!

Emirates Crop One- a joint venture between Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) and Crop One has just launched the world’s largest hydroponic farm at Bustanica, located near Al Maktoum International Airport at Dubai World Central.

Starting this month, Emirates will now serve you delicious and healthy leafy green salads as you travel to and fro your destinations.


The vertical farm will use lesser water, while also ensuring high quality

That’s right people! The 330,000sqft facility is all set to produce more than 1,000,000 kilograms of high-quality leafy greens annually while using 95% less water than conventional agriculture.

Using their advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, the team of specialists will ensure that produce is super fresh and clean…MINUS pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals!

Image via Emirates.com

Coming soon to a supermarket near you too

Everybody deserves good food. Bustanica is also planning to ensure that their fresh produce reaches your plate at home too! You’ll soon find some great quality arugula, spinach, and lettuce for your leafy salads, grown locally, at the world’s largest hydroponic farm.

Image by emirates.com 


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