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Security Reunited A 6-Year-Old With His Family After They Got Separated At The Dubai Mall

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We all got separated from our families at some point when we were kids, right? It’s every child’s first (and somewhat) traumatic experience. It’s like an episode of Lost. You think to yourself you’ll never see your family again – worst feeling ever.

Luckily though, Dubai is a pretty safe place where even if children get separated, they can talk to any security guard nearby and they will have everything squared away within minutes.

The Dubai Mall is known to be one of the biggest in the world, so it’s easy even as an adult to get separated from your entourage over there. Being an adult means you have phones to find your way back but children don’t and that’s how this story came to be…

A 6-year-old got separated from his family but security guards were there to save the day

In every corner of the Dubai Mall, you’ll find a security guard, available to help at any given moment. It must’ve been quite a scary experience for this family but after alerting the security team and Dubai Police, they were reunited.

Please remember that this occurrence is relatively common and is not attributed to negligence so be kind!

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