This Video Of A Single Policeman Handling A Large Dubai Crowd Says Everything About The Dubai Police

Anika Eliz Baby

Speak to a Dubai resident about superheroes and they’ll begin to talk about The Dubai Police.

A video has been floating online right of a Dubai Policeman handling the large crowds on the road on New Year’s Eve 2024

What makes this video so cool is that it’s just ONE Policeman…managing a crowd that spreads as wide as the (camera) eye can see!

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This amount of respect for the Dubai Police comes as a result of good governance and leadership

And of course a superior quality of law enforcement through proactive policies.

The video, first published on ‘X’ by @bastaki1976 has received several comments that mention how much respect they have for the Dubai police and stories of the way they have been helped.

It is truly lovely to know that we are in a safe city, protected by superheroes!

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