LOVIN BUSINESS BOUNCE BACK: A Dubai Centre Is Helping People With Learning Difficulties Overcome Them


This article is part of Lovin Business Bounce Back. A Lovin Dubai campaign designed to support businesses affected by COVID-19.

The Brain Workshop is a cognitive skills training centre which specializes in enhancing learning skills, making kids and adults (ages 5 – 95) measurably smarter through research-based programs that train the brain.

The brainchild of Dubai resident Sahar Riad, it’s a programme which can unlock your brain’s potential, and can have an incredible positive impact for people with learning difficulties. In some cases, the experts can even pinpoint the real reason behind the learning disability which helps in creating the strategies to overcome the delays in the learning curve. It’s an innovative programme and if you know anyone struggling with learning difficulties, give The Brain Workshop a look!

Sahar saw for herself the life-changing impact brain training can have after her son tried the BrainRx programme which lead to her becoming involved in the fascinating field of brain training

She said the programmes truly enriched and transformed every aspect of her son’s life, from school performance and self-confidence, to athletic abilities. This spark ignited her passion to create The Brain Workshop, with a vision to enhance client’s lives one life at a time.

The cognitive skills training centre is part of a global network of training centres, BrainRx, which follows a programme based on years of extensive research, and collaboration between neuroscientists, educational specialists, and psychologists.

The experts will help accurately pinpoint the reason behind common learning disabilities such as ADHD and Dyslexia and then create tailor strategies to help overcome them.

The training is targeted to help children and adults overcome learning struggles and here’s why The Brain Workshop is standout

  • Non-invasive and intense
  • Targeted and Tailor-made
  • One of the oldest Cognitive Training Centres in Dubai
  • Clients can be between the ages of 5-95 years of age
  • Symptom management for ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ASD etc.
  • Remote Training now available
  • BrainRx and ReadRx training available
  • Scheduled around the clients’ time
  • 50% off for Cognitive Assessments During August
  • Summer Brain Drain Camp for 5-15 year olds
  • Modified packages of EQ sessions, Rubik’s Cube sessions, and Communication & Extrapolation sessions available.

Learn more about The Brain Workshop here

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