The King Of Shawarma Nasser Al Rayess Talks All About Food, Comedy & Gaza


Hbeeebeee, Nasser Al Rayess joined the Lovin Dubai Show not only to talk about his love for shawarma’s, but also his comedy and how he tackles speaking up on the genocide in Gaza.

Nasser is known for his comedy content, and while he is vastly known over TikTok, everything comes with its good and bad. Nasser told The Lovin Dubai Show that he does get a few hate comments here and there. Nasser told The Lovin Dubai show, that hate comments do not bother him as he mentioned that equivalent to one hate comment, he has a lot of fans of his content.

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Nasser continued expressing to The Lovin Dubai Show that he speaks up on the Gaza genocide, through his platform, and while he has lost a lot of followers for so, he continues to elaborate that he is fine with it for such a good cause.


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