Pranking Scammers, Encouraging Women And More: The Twinkle Stanly Phenomenon

Anika Eliz Baby

She’s just crossed 100k followers on Instagram as of yesterday and for good reason.

Twinkle Stanly has become a familiar face on everybody’s feed recently, for a video where she pranks a scammer…creating a moment of vindication for all Dubai residents

In the past year, Dubai has witnessed a rise in the amount of scam calls and emails. Watching Twinkle hit back to the point of frustrating the scammer definitely gave anyone who’s been a victim a sense of joy.

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Twinkle’s content is also a safe space for Asian women, where she encourages you to unapologetically find your true self and be it!

From dating insecurities to being reserved and quiet in the corporate world, she discusses several issues younger Asian women may face when starting out.

She shares her own stories as learnings…creating an interactive space for people to learn from.

Dubai is gearing up for another brilliant creator

She’s an independent woman who pays her own bills and works as a content producer at Cosmopolitan ME during the day.

Follow her here for your daily dose of Twinkle!

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