These Pictures Are Giving Dubai Residents A Wave Of Nostalgia

Anika Eliz Baby

Dubai has changed so much in these past couple of years that OG residents are clinging on to any kind of nostalgia they can find!

If you’ve been in Dubai since the 1990’s you know that there are a bunch of items we were literally raised on and nothing can ever compare to this feeling.

From Al Areej juice to mini pizzas and OG Wonderland…it’s almost like Dubai has grown up with us!

*** P.S. This list does not even begin to cover the many nuggets of nostalgia, but it is a very sweet beginning!

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You could stock up on the OG cheese pizza and Al Areej juice HERE!

So the cheese pizza is still a fast seller at Caesars and Pumpys in Bur Dubai. Sneak that 1dh 50 fils from your parents (hehe) and run!

And the Al Areej juice seems to have disappeared off of most shelves, except it is still in an Irani shop in Al Fahidi?! C’mon community, do your thing!

Who remembers Sana Fashion?

it feels like we all had the same childhood! Living near Sana and then heading there every time you had a big party that you needed to get a new FAB outfit for! Who remembers their soft carpeted floor and the HUUUGE stock of clothes they had?

The iconic clothing store even had a signal named after it and we used to get all our trending items from that sweet little store. Did you know there was also an art class happening in the same building? I did my first glass painting there!

Sigh, it still hurts that they closed.

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