TikTok Star “Noel Goes Crazy” On Mega Fame, Representation & His Surprising Hair Routine


Noel Robinson, famously known as “noelgoescrazy” on TikTok, joined The Lovin Dubai Show with his infectious energy and more than just his signature curly afro hair and hilarious pranks.

As Noel joined the show, captivating the audience with his charisma, the mystery surrounding his voluminous hair stole the spotlight. How does he manage to conceal it? Is it a larger hoodie? Or perhaps a clever tie-up? Noel then unveiled his secret, and the people were shook!

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Beyond his iconic hair, Noel surprises everyone by revealing that his dancing journey commenced at the age of 16, a revelation that he never anticipated would lead him to stardom. Despite initial insecurities about his distinctive curly afro, Noel has embraced it, using his platform to showcase its beauty and inspire kids of similar ethnic backgrounds to embrace their uniqueness through dance and self-love.


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