Tracy Harmoush: The Rise Of A Digital Entrepreneur

Tracy Harmoush, an investment banker turned digital entrepreneur, built a substantial following on social media platforms, sharing valuable insights to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. Through public speaking engagements, she has become a sought-after speaker in the industry.

When asked what inspired her to dive deeper into her career, Tracy shared with us that she believes in, “It’s not okay to for you not to be independent, I’ve seen first hand what happens in a family if you are not able to do it yourself.”

Tracy gave us the walk through about her new ice cream project, Mama Booza, that she has launched on deliveroo! Be sure to check it out!

“I definitely believe in work life balance, there’s only so much you can do before you burn out,”
Harmoush’s journey exemplifies the power of embracing the digital revolution and redefining success.
She also gave us an insight on how her and Karen Wazen became besties…since childhood!

The Lovin Dubai Show: Tracy Harmoush On The Secrets Of Making It On Social Media


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