WATCH: This Video From The Emirates First Class Is Going To Inspire You To Keep Hustling

Anika Eliz Baby

As human beings, we have always responded well to positive reinforcement. Lucky for us, Dubai is filled with them!

Take for example this video from Dubai’s flagship Emirates Airlines, where you can witness all the luxuries of travelling First Class- the private suite, gourmet meals, Bvlgari amenities kit, pyjamas and slippers, a shower- the whole works.

The reel was posted by Kayla Benton @kjcbenton as part of her bucket list accomplishments- and it is truly all things bougie.


The video has a famous motivational speech by Steve Harvey playing- that emphasises the importance of travelling first class at least once

You may have previously come across Steve Harvey’s famous speech before this, where he advises people to travel first class at least once in their lives. He believes that the luxury of the first class helps shape our minds to keep hustling until we can sit in a first-class seat once again.

Psychologically speaking, Steve Harvey is right! It is a phenomenon known as the Self-fulfilling prophecy– where your beliefs and expectations about yourself or another person are very likely to come true simply because you subconsciously begin to act toward it.

Call it manifestation, or prayer- but the key takeaway is don’t stop believing in yourself for even a moment and keep working as hard as you can!


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How much hustle is too much hustle?

All this being said, do keep in mind to not over-exert yourself.

You’re doing your best each day- no matter what that may look like.


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