You Can Support Palestinian Relief At These Locations In The UAE This Weekend

You Can Support Palestinian Relief At These Locations In The UAE This Weekend

The UAE has launched the “Tarahum for Gaza” campaign, providing vital relief packages to Palestinian families and children affected by the recent conflict in Gaza. This underscores the UAE’s commitment to global humanitarian efforts.

What is the “Tarahum for Gaza” campaign?

The campaign is dedicated to easing the humanitarian crisis and reducing the suffering of the most vulnerable groups, particularly children who make up nearly half of Gaza’s population. With over one million children affected by the ongoing conflict, the campaign is focused on meeting their fundamental needs and providing essential health and hygiene supplies.

Moreover, the campaign is under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with the Emirates Red Crescent Authority and the World Food Programme, working closely with the Ministry of Community Development. It also involves the active participation of 20 relief and humanitarian organizations.

Continuing from its successful start on October 15 at Abu Dhabi Ports Hall in Mina Zayed, the campaign is making further strides

More than 4,500 volunteers came together to create 13,000 relief packages, including food and supplies for children, mothers, and women during this event. The “Tarahum – for Gaza” campaign highlights the UAE’s continuous dedication to helping those affected in the Gaza Strip. The UAE’s commitment to humanitarian values shines through its various efforts aimed at easing the challenges faced by the Palestinian people, with a special focus on the well-being of children and women. The aim is to create 25,000 relief packages with the help of volunteers from all over the UAE, including citizens, residents, and various institutions.

How can you volunteer this weekend?

Individuals interested in helping to assemble relief packages can sign up for volunteer opportunities through various platforms, such as “Volunteers.Emirates,” the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, the Dubai Volunteering Program, the Sharjah Volunteering Center, and Youm for Dubai.

For more information, kindly reach out to @emiratesrc.

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