Petrol Prices In Dubai And Abu Dhabi Is Set To Increase Again

fuel price hike in dubai

Your Petrol Price In Dubai And Abu Dhabi Is Going To Increase Again Next Month

If you don’t know, now you know.

Motorists in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi: hear ye, hear ye.

The UAE fuel price committee announced the new price hikes for petrol and diesel prices that will start in August. 


Fuel prices will increase in August 2021

So starting August 1 (tomorrow), the Super 98 petrol will start costing AED2.58 a litre, as opposed to the AED2.47 in July. 

Special 95 petrol will cost AED2.47 per litre, compared to AED2.35 in July. 

While the E-Plus 91 petrol price will cost AED2.39 a litre, compared to the AED2.28 a litre price in July, while diesel will be charged at AED2.45 a litre, an increase form AED2.42 in July. 


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