BREAKING: Both Uber And Careem Have Been Suspended In Abu Dhabi And Nobody Knows Why


Popular private app-based car services Uber and Careem both had their services disrupted in the capital today. The exact reasons for why the apps have stopped working are unknown. It is unclear whether they have been officially blocked, even on a temporarily basis. There were no reports of disruption in Dubai. 

Reports from the National newspaper are that both companies expect to be back soon

“Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we expect potential service interruptions in Abu Dhabi over the next few days. We work with licensed vehicles in Abu Dhabi and we are working closely with TransAD to ensure both a reliable service and adherence to fleet requirements.”


“This is a temporary suspension and we will let you know of any further updates. Our goal is to resume operations as soon as possible.”


Uber fans in AD react

And Careem fans seem bemused as well

Careem have taken to social media to reassure customers that they are doing everything they can to be back up and running soon


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