Dubai Mall Has Issued A Response To The Reports Of Stores And Hallways Flooding


The blue skies are peeking through but for three hours parts of Dubai saw torrential rain.

Featuring heavy winds and thunder and lightning, it was the first major downpour of the season and the roads weren’t the only places that saw floods…

As usual, Dubai social media was also flooded with videos and images, with one resident sharing a video of Dubai Mall, in which you can see light rain has breached one of the world’s largest malls, as well as a cleaning crew operation already underway.

Dubai Mall issued a response

Dubai Media Office shared these images, acknowledging the floods and stating ‘specialized teams at Emaar have carried out the necessary maintenance and cleaning work after the leak of water’ and adding that a limited number of shops and some facilities in the Dubai Mall were affected due to the heavy rain.

“We can confirm that The Dubai Mall was affected by the heavy rainfall, causing leakages in limited areas.
“We are working to contain all leakages and the mall remains operational and open to the public. Mall staff are on the ground, ensuring the visitor experience remains unaffected. Please be assured that the safety of mall visitors, staff and tenants remains our utmost priority.” A Dubai Mall representative

And all at once Dubai skies are clear once again

Residents are praising this transparency and speed of dealing with the floods

“MashaAllah your transparency and speed in dealing with this event. It is normal to see some leaking during the rains..”


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