Dubai’s Top Model And Radiant Fashionista Chanel Ayan Reveals Some Major Modelling Tips And Hacks 


She’s gorgeous, glowing, radiant, confident, full of dramaaaa, a hot mama, an entrepreneur and Dubai’s number ONE black model, she’s Chanel Ayan!!!

The Kenyan Dubai-based top model is so much more than just a pretty face, she’s had to overcome a number of hardships on her way to success and that was no easy ride. Ayan broke the mould as the first black model in Dubai when she arrived over a decade ago, and now she rules the industry. She’s built a hugely successful career and is proud to live and work in a city which is so open to diversity.

This radiant beauty that literally SCREAMS confidence is a huge fan of high fashion, couture dresses, strutting and dare we say, BURNING the catwalk for a number of hi-fi designers. Being in the industry for over a decade now, it’s no surprise that her knowledge of the fashion world is vast, so to share her experience with aspiring models, Ayan is collaborating with model Elena Postolachi on their very own modelling school, Dubai Model Camp.

And as you listen to Ayan’s interview you will gradually come to know that this Dubai based modelling camp is a PARADISE for fashion lovers.

“I bring life to the dress.. drama, fierce, fabulous! I bring the energy because you have to stand out in different aspects.” – Chanel Ayan

Chanel goes on to express that being different and bringing ‘an outfit to life’ is what designers will see in you and that’s what will prompt them to keep giving you better opportunities to work with them.


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Modelling tip #1: “You need to be CON-FI-DENT, you have to belive in yourself! They NEED to remember you, so you have to stand out!”

Chanel Ayan also being the co-founder of Dubai Model Camp shed some MAJOR tips and tricks on how to carry yourself if you’re an aspiring model in today’s time, and one thing is for sure, CONFIDENCE is key sis.

Your size is not even a factor because these days the modelling industry is becoming progressively more inclusive, what does matter is how you carry yourself and the ‘tude you put on for the judges.

Lady long legs also expressed how Dior is one of her makeup brands of choice, as Dior’s fab cosmetics range really compliments dark skin complications like no other brand.


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WATCH the full interview right here!


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