A New BBC Show About Dubai Documents The Uber Rich And Twitter Has PLENTY To Say

Inside Dubai

Another show about Dubai documents how the uber-rich live a VERY lavish life, and Twitter has new prey.

Inside Dubai is a BBC production that shows the extreme lives of the uber-rich. From private jets and megabuck mansions to number plates worth millions of dirhams, this show has it all. It documents a number of residents from all over the world who enjoy their lives here and it also shows a history of how British expats have lived in Dubai in various ways in the last couple of decades.

Twitter is quick to call the show out for misrepresentation of our great city, after all, we don’t all live insanely lavish lifestyles, but we still love to call this city home

The TV shows focus on residents who live the life of pure luxury beyond belief in Dubai, who can drop a couple of hundred k on a handbag, without a second thought

One Twitter user notes that the show is made to get a rise out of people

Others are quick to call out the sad contrast between the mega-wealthy and the poor, who live side by side

Others simply enjoyed the OTT way some people get over travel nerves

One Twitter user joined the #InsideDubai thread to show the ‘real Dubai’, massage cards and all

Have you watched the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments


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