This Stylish Italian Cafe Has Just Added An Arabic Touch To It’s Menu And It Actually Works


Carluccio’s  is no stranger to residents in Dubai. It’s no stranger to many tourists either. Mr Carluccio is well known from his TV shows and cookbooks. But my first memory is more of the interior of the restaurants. I first visited Carluccio’s  in London about 20 years ago with my mum. A couple of years later, she opened a restaurant on the harbour of our home town. The color scheme of the restaurant had a distinctly familiar feel to it. Pale blue with yellows and greens. Similar to Carluccio’s… The image must have stuck.


A reason to choose Carluccio’s over Le Pain Quotidien 

There are many chains which have the Carluccio’s  formula; of home goods, bakery and Italian style breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. My favourite Carluccio’s in Dubai is located at Dubai Marina, but to be honest, I haven’t been in a while, opting for LPQ on occasion instead for no specific reason. However, when I saw Carluccio’s had a new grilled menu, I decided it was worth a revisit.

199 B9998

New Arabic additions to the traditional Italian Menu

Whether you want a ‘bigger’ lunch, or a good dinner, Carluccio’s  have introduced a Middle Eastern touch to their great tasting Italian menu with these grilled options.  

  • Grilled Calamari in lemon butter sauce 
  • Grilled Fillet Medallions in a creamy herb and lemon sauce 
  • Grilled Lamb Rump in artichoke purée 
  • Grilled Sea Bass
199 B9976

(Almost) a very healthy lunch

I had the lamb steak and was pleasantly surprised. Cooked tenderly, it was very tasty. I opted for spinach and a side of broccoli…healthy options in preparation for a productive afternoon at the office…

.. that was until I spotted the cheesecake on the menu. My achilles heal, I couldn’t resist. It’s a no nonsense cheesecake. Tasty cheese sponge, with thick biscuit topped off with two sweet cherries. I ate it all too quickly and immediately fell into a (totally self-inflicted) afternoon slump. ‘Make that espresso a double please’.

199 B9980

Ideal for a decent workday lunch

I went during lunch, and the food came quickly, it was a very healthy meal and I was in and out within the hour. Recommended. 

It’s only available exclusively from 10th July until 3rd September, so next time you’re near Carluccio’s , either for lunch or dinner, you’ll know the option is available. 

199 B9974


The grills are priced at around 65 AED and come with two sides. There are various grilled options available at each Dubai branch. 

  • Arabian Ranches, Monday – Sunday: 9am – 1am
  • Deira City Centre, Monday to Friday 9am – 11pm. Saturday to Sunday 9am – midnight
  • Dubai Airport, Monday – Sunday, 24 Hours
  • Dubai Mall, Monday to Sunday, 9am – 11pm
  • Ibn Battuta Mall, Monday to Friday 9am – 11pm, Saturday to Sunday, 9am – midnight
  • Marina Mall, Monday to Sunday, 9am – 11pm
  • Midriff City Centre, Monday to Sunday, 9am – 11pm


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