7 Reasons Why This Place In DIFC Is Just Like Visiting Barcelona


Laluz in DIFC was on my radar since it opened last year, but I never got a chance to check it out. It had an interesting mix of good drinks and ladies night offering, great cigar options with its own in-house cigar expert and a unique menu. But I mainly wanted to visit because of it’s Catalonian route, I love the bars and restaurants in Barcelona. The best ones are unassuming from the outside, but when you get in and get comfortable, you never want to leave. Laluz is just like that. 

1. The Food


2. The Food (Again)

So good, we say it twice. Often a menu (and we have the Chef’s recommendations), has one good dish to shout about, this had at least four. 


3. The location is on the Gate Level right in the heart of DIFC

The evening we went, Dubai Watch Week was taking place, so popping in to Laluz after ogling over fancy watches on display was the perfect way to cap off the evening. 


4. It also happened to be ladies night, and this place is a hidden gem

Seasoned ladies night goers, know the best places in each area in Dubai. I was reliably informed that here and Barzar are the two best in DIFC. Why? It’s a lounge / restaurant separated by a square bar, a bit like how Zuma is laid out, where the DJ plays in full view and the drinks are top quality. We had a cinnamon whiskey that was just perfect. 


5. RUMBA Wednesday with live music from Barcelona

With performers fresh from Barcelona, explore an evening dedicated to the Rumba fiestas of Northern Spain, transforming the lounge with sultry beats and live dance. 

Take in the electric atmosphere with a set menu of generous pincho bites, traditional Arrós and distinctive black Catalan style paella, matched with two glasses of Cava. 

Every Wednesday from 7pm, AED 275 per person: Inclusive of two glasses of Cava, five pinchos bites and LALUZ Catalan Arrós

Laluz Rumba Barcelona 5
Laluz Rumba Barcelona 1

6. Business lunch

DIFC is the financial centre after all so business lunches are important. There are plenty of fancy business lunches in town, but then more often than not a practical one is needed. A nice environment, good food, service and decent value. This is what Laluz have got. 

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