A Restaurant At The Burj Al Arab Has Just Unveiled An Amazing New Menu And It’s Actually Very Affordable


It’s not everyday you get to visit the Burj Al Arab, unless you’re minted, which let’s face it (although we might act like it) most of us definitely are not.

You also probably don’t eat Michelin star class food very often….and while you’re used to spending time in fancy Dubai hotels, this one – famously the world’s only seven star hotel – has always felt a little out of reach. Seeing as you need a reservation to get passed the front gate, it’s never been truly accessible. 

So what if I said you could dine there WITHOUT remortgaging the car or compromising your overly priced gym membership? Well lucky us, because the Al Mahara, a seafood restaurant within the Burj has decided to swing open it’s exclusive doors and let us regular folk in. Choose between a four course dinner menu for AED 650, a six course signature tasting menu for AED 850 or a three course lunch menu for AED 450. 

Here are 7 reasons why you need to visit the Al Mahara in the Burj Al Arab.

1. The location

This might be a given, but let’s go into a bit more detail. From the moment you’re greeted by some especially dapper doormen, your night starts to feel extra special. You walk through the lobby on the softest carpets you’ll ever walk on and surrounded by more gold detail than you’ll probably ever see in your life…

An escalator (with aquariums on either side) brought us to an upper lobby and from there we were directed to Al Mahara – by way of a private lift. The newly refurbished bar screams opulence but it’s definitely less flash than the main lobby (in a good way). The bar itself is the hull of a ship and it’s set deep into the dark room, twinkling lights cover the walls, and there are some incredibly plush velvet green and blue sofas that look super snug for such a proper place. You can choose drinks on the huge grassy terrace overlooking the Palm or go straight to the main dining room – which circles a huge aquarium – to dine. It’s definitely very rich and very striking, and you can tell no expense has been spared. It’s hard not to be impressed.

Screenshot 2016 10 03 At 3 45 38 Pm
Screenshot 2016 10 03 At 3 45 49 Pm

2. The chef

Nathan Outlaw is the two Michelin star chef who is behind the new menu at Al Mahara. You can do nothing but admire a chef who gained a Michelin star at the age of 25 and has gone on to gain another since. He pushes for a simple classic approach to cuisine, so don’t expect complicated dishes filled with foam and tricks here. Expect fresh seasonal produce and dishes filled with flavour. Nathan Outlaw has come along way from his first job making toast on a Saturday in the seaside town of Cornwall, UK to create this menu, but the people of Dubai will thank him for it. We opted for the six course tasting menu:

3. For starters, hand dived raw scallops, herb mayonnaise and Tartare dressing AND seared raw yellow tuna fin, pickled ginger carrots with onions and chilli

20160927 213235
20160927 213309

4. An intermediate course of crispy oysters & caviar, cucumber and oyster sauce

20160927 214852

5. The incredible lobster risotto with orange, basil and spring onions

20160927 220121

6. Toothfish, red peppers, olives & tarragon with the chef’s special Porthilly crab sauce

The toothfish, or Chilean sea bass as you might know it, was excellent. Soft, succulent melt in the mouth, with just the perfect amount of the chef’s signature crab sauce.

20160927 222248

7. Sticky Toffee Pudding, clotted cream and stuffed dates

Tasted every bit as good as it looks

How much will it cost you?

A four course menu with choice from a la carte options costs AED 650, while the six course set tasting menu costs AED 850 or a three course lunch menu will set you back AED 450. 

Call 04 301 7600 for reservations or for more info


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