This Is Easily The Most Romantic Restaurant In Dubai And It Now Has An Affordable Sunset Menu


Let’s set the scene for this one.

Your journey starts at the Al Qasr, one of Dubai’s top hotels. From there it’s a ten minute stroll (we’re not complaining, we just noticed it’s quite long) through the hotel before you eventually come to Pierchics private pier. A smiling driver is waiting to pedal you down the pier towards your final destination; a wooden restaurant on stilts, sitting pretty above the Arabian gulf.

This restaurant hits the nail of the hand for all the right reasons; the view, ambiance, decor… it’s all sickeningly good to be honest. 

Here is everything we loved about it

The low-key ambiance is spot on

We visited Pierchic on a Tuesday evening, most tables were full but you wouldn’t notice…it’s not a busy bustling restaurant, it’s a bit more like chilled, like casual fine dining. There was music, but not very loud. It was someone’s birthday at a table nearby… and while they got a beautifully presented dessert and candles, there was no big, loud presentation. Conversations were low, and the only thing that interrupted the perfect setting was my big camera flash, snapping all the meals…oops! The entire setup was just right.

This is a high end place, but it’s not intimidating 

Have you ever dined out, but been afraid to drop a knife in case you’d get scolded by the waiter? I think it happens to most of us when we feel out of our comfort zone. Here, on the wooden terrace with large comfortable chairs, and welcoming staff…while the design is seriously impressive, it’s a great spot to unwind and relax.

Huge wide-open windows that take an entire side of the restaurant mean inside and outside diners have a picture-perfect view of the Burj Al Arab (and the Burj Khalifa in the distance on a clear night). Table settings are simple, it was dark while we ate so each table was illuminated by a tiny candle.

The view

The Burj Al Arab and the Madinat from your own private pier. You can’t beat it. 

The transport 

You may be used to golf carts around the big resort hotels but this was something else altogether. 

The food

There are two menu options. An a la carte or a sunset menu deal. If you see the main menu, you might feel a little limited by the sunset menu, with not enough fish options in the starters if we really going to pick flaws. But it’s incredibly good value and although you have less options when choosing the sunset option, you don’t lose out on flavour.

We started with Canned duck rilette and beetroot cured organic salmon

20161025 191544

For mains we had the catch of the day and the pan fried sea bream

Salmon is always a safe choice but the tomato cous cous and octopus really added an exciting element to the dish. But the sea bream was still the winner, beautifully crispy on top and we loved the harissa potatoes in bite size pieces along the edge of the dish.

20161025 194116
20161025 194106

Pudding came in the form of a chocolate cake and an orange parfait with white chocolate ganache

The chocolate cake was exactly that, a tasty rich chocolate cake. But we loved the orange parfait, with all of it’s zesty creamy goodness… while we were plenty full at this stage, we had no trouble polishing this dish off.

20161025 202054
20161025 202024

The important bits

The three course sunset menu runs from 6pm – 7.30pm, it includes one glass of bubbly and costs AED 350

The restaurant is located at the Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah 

Call 04 366 6705 for more information


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