Google’s Arts & Culture App Is Out Now In the UAE And It’s Actually Pretty Cool!


Google has done it again! 

With the new Google Arts and Culture app, you not only can learn about your favorite cultural piece, but the app can tell you all about the construction, the history, and where it is located.

The app has some pretty unique features that allows you to explore over a thousand museums in 70 different countries.  It also allows you to search for absolutely anything! From the history of cats within art, to your favorite lost city.

Another amazing aspect of the app is that it allows you take a virtual tour of different cities around the world and different archaeological sites in the “Outdoor Project.”

Not only is the App accessible for both Android and iOS users, but it also can be accessed through your browser.

Explore Archaeological Sites

Virtually Explore Archaeological Sites!

Virtually Explore Rani Ki Vav – The Queen’s Stepwell…

Discover facts about dates in the past

What Has Happened On Today's Date?

Refresh your history by learning about what has taken place on today’s date with Google’s “Daily Digest”

Incredible detail with the zoom feature on famous works of art

Take A Closer Look

Folding Screen with Design of the Scenes from “The Battle of the Genji and Heike Clans.”  Want a micro view of your favorite work? The app allows you zoom in, and get up close and personal with a number of works. 

Check Out That Detail!

Incase you missed it, here’s a perspective of the folding Screen with Design of the Scenes from “The Battle of the Genji and Heike Clans” that you probably couldn’t see in person. 

What do Kandinsky and Kanye West have in common?

Because Google knows you’ve been dying to know the answer to this puzzling question.

Even your favorite city has made it on the app!



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