Popular UAE Newspaper 7DAYS Is Shutting Down After 13 Years In Business


On 22 December 7DAYS will print its final newspaper.

The English language newspaper, popular among residents for its community-focused news, has been around since 2003 reporting everything that happens in the country, but next month it will shut down its print and digital operations. 

Its CEO, Mark Rix, said, “The current trading environment and future global outlook for print advertising remains severely challenged. Whilst it was our stated intention to re-focus and restructure the business for 2017 and beyond, it has since proved not possible to create an acceptable cost base that could deliver a viable and sustainable business.”

And unfortunately…

“It is therefore with great sadness that we announce the unique 7DAYS news brand will close and thus, cease to inform and entertain the UAE in its refreshing and inimitable way.”

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