A Man Got Arrested For Trying To Board A Dubai Flight With Drugs Concealed In Kinder Surprise Eggs

A Man Got Arrested For Trying To Board A Dubai Flight With Drugs Concealed In Kinder Surprise Eggs

In a plot twist stranger than fiction, a man thought he could sweeten his journey by hiding drugs inside Kinder Surprise eggs. Well, his ‘eggstra’ special attempt to board a Dubai flight turned into an arrest story instead…

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The man took Kinder Surprise to a whole new level…

Quite literally! Last year on May 12, a 25-year-old man attempted a bizarre smuggling stunt at Manchester Airport. He tried hiding cocaine, ecstasy, and ketamine inside two Kinder Surprise eggs up his backside while aiming to catch a flight to Dubai.

At approximately 9 am, UK Border Force officers intercepted the man at Manchester Airport as he awaited a flight to the United Arab Emirates. The individual found himself encircled by a team of adept sniffer dogs. After being apprehended, he was transported to a hospital, where he declined to undergo body scans.

Yup, it doesn’t stop here

After the unusual incident, officers uncovered a surprise stash in the cell toilet. The find? 40 ecstasy tablets and 31.22g of ketamine, cleverly concealed within TWO bright yellow Kinder Surprise eggs. Talk about a buzzkill! Who knew an iconic treat like Kinder Surprise could be the cover for such an unexpected twist?

The value of the drugs were off the charts!

The cocaine, valued at around AED 5,870 (€1,475), and ecstasy, about AED 1,900 (€500), weren’t just street values – they were astounding! Additionally, the class B drugs were estimated at an eye-popping AED 5,811 (€1,460).

Afterward, the man said he was a ‘heavy user,’ using the drugs for ‘personal use.’ But prosecutors brushed off his explanation, insisting the drugs were actually meant for distribution in the Middle East, following someone else’s instructions…

Just yesterday, he was sentenced to 35 months

The judge delivered a stern message to the man, stating “Those prepared to engage in this type of activity must expect significant custodial sentences. You are still young and relatively lightly convicted.”

Moreover, he has a prior record, including burglary in 2012, possession of ammunition in 2017, and cannabis possession in 2021…

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