A Resident Proves How The Kind Act Of Iftar Distribution Is Genuinely Changing People’s Lives


Sheida Abdolrazagh a volunteer and member of the Goodwill joined The Lovin Dubai Show to further explain her journey ahead. Sheidha has mentioned to The Lovin Dubai Show that she is involved in a lot of volunteering. Sheidha has added telling The Lovin Dubai Show that she started as a volunteer but then later on joined as an official member.

She has also mentioned to The Lovin Dubai Show that people of different backgrounds join to distribute iftar as diversity is essential for her.

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People join Dubai Good Will daily and the movement has grown from free meals to toy distribution for kids and even helping the unemployed find work!

When asked how can people donate, Sheida told The Lovin Dubai Show that anyone can simply visit their Instagram page and they will reply for sure.


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