Apple TV Plus Announced Its Dubai Launch Date And It’s Actually Pretty Cheap


The competition is on for streaming services.

In a short space of time, streaming services, which give you access to on-demand TV shows, movies, and documentaries, and they’ve taken over the at-home entertainment industry.

As the likes of Netflix, OSN, WAVO, and Starzplay allow you to forego ads and binge-watch your shows in the comfort of your home…. The dream!

But following the Apple Keynote which took place in the Steve Jobs Centre in San Franciso on Tuesday, it looks like another competing service is entering the fold.

Apple TV Plus is coming to the UAE on November 1!

The exact UAE price hasn’t been released but Apple TV Plus is expected to be cheaper than its competitors

Both Apple TV and Netflix are investing heavily in the product is lure customers

Disney Life, Disney’s own much-hyped streaming service are also focusing on building its service, but at this point, Disney Life is not being made available in the UAE.

Netflix, the OG, upped the game bypassing movie theatres with its own original movies, and by bringing new releases to your TV in a shorter time-frame. And now, only after a short span in theatres, (sometimes only two weeks) Netflix will host big movies on its platform, all in an attempt to reel-in and retain its customer base.

And Apple TV is doing similar.

‘The Morning Show’ is an Apple original show

Starring Jennifer Anniston and Steve Carrell, this is touted as being the show of the season.

More of the shows which will become available on Apple TV are listed on its Twitter

Apple also announced some major iPhone news

Die-hards fans will love this: The iPhone 11 Pro has been revealed and it’s got a brand new ‘triple eye’ feature.


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