The Region Cheered Along With Bahrain Following Its First Gulf Cup Win After 50 Years


Bahrain won its first Gulf Cup of Nations on Sunday night, in a  1-0 against Saudi Arabia.

So if you’ve been seeing tweets and your Instagram feed flooded with the red and white flag, chances are that’s what it’s about. The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Mohammed Al-Romaihi scored the goal that led to the neighbouring country’s victory in the tournament held in Qatar.

This is the first win for Bahrain in 50 years, and it’s pretty awesome seeing how excited not just Bahrain got but the rest of the Middle East.

Bahrain celebrated the win on and off social media

The Crown Prince of Bahrain, HH Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, congratulated the team after winning

Even HH Sheikh Mohammed congratulated Bahrain, its king, people and team

…adding that the country ‘deserved the happiness and the cup.’

Even Saudi fans of the game are just as happy for Bahrain’s win- a great show of the GCC countries’ unity

Bahrain’s King Hamad declared Monday as a public holiday as a result of the win

Congrats to Bahrain and every Bahraini living in the UAE and the world!


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