Here Are The Best And Worst Places To Live In Dubai According To Residents


Going by price: the Palm Jumeirah, the Marina and central spots in Downtown are the most sought after places to live. Going by residents opinions and a whole load of functional aspects however, and it’s a completely different story.

1,400 residents were part of the survey

The survey by took 19 aspects into account before the rating was made including the size and layout of their home, the quality of facilities, the amount of traffic, the sense of community, the availability of public transportation, and value for money.

Rated Areas Infographic

The survey voted Motor City as the Best Place to Live in Dubai in 2016

Top 10 rated areas

Screenshot 2016 11 27 At 4 35 27 Pm

Lowest areas in descending order

Screenshot 2016 11 27 At 4 36 04 Pm

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