UPDATE: Case Closed For Tourists Arrested For Having Extramarital Sex In Dubai


Yesterday we reported that a British female and two males were arrested for having extramarital sex in Dubai

The woman said:

ZJM said she had been raped by the two men after accompanying them back to their hotel.

The men said: 

The act was consensual.

As a result:

The three had their passport taken and the Dubai Police forensic lab was testing each of them. The police also examined CCTV footage from the hotel.

But today Dubai Public Persecution closed the case. Dubai Media Office published the following statement:

The office of Dubai Public Prosecutor has closed the case involving the alleged rape of British national ZJM following careful examination of all evidence. The Office has decided not to proceed with legal proceedings.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office clarified that a thorough review of statements given by the British woman and the two suspects as well as the reports of investigating officers from Dubai Police, showed that the act happened with the consent of the three parties in question. A video obtained from the mobile phone of one of the suspects detailing the act was a key evidence that supported this conclusion. 

The alleged rape was reported in late October by British national ZJM at Al Barsha police station. The two male suspects, also British nationals, were arrested and questioned. The three parties were later released on bail. Their passports were retained to facilitate proper investigations.
Dubai’s legal system takes reports of all crimes very seriously, including and especially violence against women, and conducts thorough investigations of all incidents.

Read: A British Female And Two British Males Have Been Arrested For Having Extramarital Sex In Dubai.


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