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A Doggy Daycare Facility Has Issued A Warning In Response To Albi's Death

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On July 12, a dog died after being left inside a car for seven hours by its daycare facility.

Albi and his parents have shared the story to create awareness about the negligence that can happen.

The community is understandably shock by the error that caused the death of one dog, and Petsville, a doggy dare care facility in Al Quoz has issued a statement in response to the death. Labelling it a ‘wake up call’, and highlighting the high standards of care they provide while shedding light on other daycare facilities that may not provide a similar high standard of service.

Note: Within the comments of the post, Petsville stated there are rumours regarding which daycare the incident took place, which could be seriously damaging to any business that is wrongly named. Due to defamation laws in the UAE, the facility cannot be named.

The daycare facility highlighted that looking after your doggo is a science that needs to be carried about by a qualified team

The purpose of this post is by no chance to brag about our processes, or capabilities, or to take a shot at another facility, but rather to highlight that running daycare is not just about socialization, and playing with dogs while making sure they are safe, it’s a science that takes years and years of experience, learning, and most importantly a team that is qualified, certified and have proper steps and checks to follow.

The post goes on to point out low standards happening at some daycare facilities in Dubai

  • It’s not uncommon for some to transport up to 15 dogs in one trip, should that be acceptable?? For sure not.
  • It’s not uncommon for dogs to spend 2 hrs in their cars while other dogs are being picked up, should that be acceptable?? For sure not.
  • It’s not uncommon for some facility owners to pick up dogs themselves in their own cars, which is not equipped for transporting multiple pets, should you accept that?? For sure not

Petsville reminds pet parents, to ask the important questions

Read the full post here

Albi’s parents have issued a statement, saying the last two weeks have been an incredibly difficult time, and for multiple reasons they cannot name the daycare facility

If you want to send a message to Albi’s family you can find his IG page here filled with gorgeous family snaps

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