Another Dubai Based Bank Scammer Offering AED 66 Million Has Been Exposed


The world is well versed with scammers lurking around every corner in the cyber world, waiting just waiting, to either hijack your browser or hack your personal data via your CONFIDENTIAL bank account details.

One’s gotta be on high alert ALL the time in today’s highly tech-dependent age. Thus, why you should be extremely cautious before putting out your bank account details so that the info doesn’t get accessed by lurking fraudsters.

A number of international celebs, as well as residents, often receive calls and emails from anonymous entities posing to be from banks or large scale organisations in Dubai and entice them with a bucket sum of money before pinning them down for their personal details.

Another scamming technique was exposed when, a tweep, David Benjamin, took to Twitter to expose a cyber scammer who offered the USA resident 18 million dollars (AED66 Million) and claimed to be calling from a bank based in Dubai.

The scammer claimed to be a bank manager from a Dubai based bank and offered to split AED66 million with Benjamin

On the grounds that a man with the same surname as Benjamin had passed away with a loaded bank balance. Benjamin then called out the fraudster on Twitter and exposed his antics online.

Other users soon responded with similar anecdotes of their own

Ouu that’s what you call a wicked curveball *slow claps*

Some users responded to the post stating that the conversation sounded legitimate…

Some dreams are too good to be true

Catching an online scammer like…

Ohh the satisfaction of knowing that you dodged a bullet right there.


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