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Dubai Peeps Are Curious To Know Why Instagram Features Are Different For Everyone

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Some can reply to Instagram messages directly (like the new WhatsApp feature), some can’t see the number of likes and views on people’s posts, some can animate their text and others can’t… IG wassup??

Everyone has different IG features and it’s kinda weirding Dubai folks out.

People started voicing this out after Instagram was acting up last night on Monday, 12 October and users all over the world weren’t able to see their story views or stats…

People are attempting to delete and re-download their apps to get the new features installed on their gram as well… but IG be like no… not today

But one new feature that everyone has but not everyone knows of yet is that IG now lets you customize your IG icon and it’s actually quite cute!

Instagram’s added a variety of fun icons for the app, aligning with the iOS-14-inspired trend of customized home-screens.

This was done in celebration of insta’s 10th birthday earlier this month.

Access this feature by:

  • Updating your Insta app to the latest version
  • Clicking to your profile, then tapping the ‘Settings’ option
  • Drag the screen down in the main menu to reveal the hidden customized app icons listing

Bloggers and ‘fluencers will love this update! Another fun update that everyone can access is the Archive Story Map

So now you have a proper timeline of which date and which locations you’ve been sharing your stories from, for a quicky reference.

So now this is one that NOT erraone has! The vanish feature that quickly erases your chat with a simple swipe up and vice versa can restore your chat with one swift tap (not sure how that helps anything but ya… interesting)

I mean imagine hiding your convos from your parents… they literally just have to click on the restore button to see your ‘hidden’ chat… You had oneeee job IG, one job.

Oh honey, this is the one feature that makes replying to multiple messages oh-so-easy, yet not everyone is privileged enough to have

Were you wondering how your blogger friends could animate their text and up the aesthetics of their stories?! Well ya, you can stop your hunt on the app store because this is a resident IG feature that again… not everyone is lucky enough to have :):):)

Helloooo IG, we need answers and these features pls!!!

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