Dubai Government Shuts Down A Hospital For Disregarding The Standard UAE Health Regulations 


The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has taken the decision of temporarily shutting down a private hospital in Dubai for three months, due to the reason that the medical institution had been violating a number of medical regulations.

Following a series of inspections and field visits to the hospital, it was found that the medical institute was repeatedly disregarding safety practises that could harm public health.

The decision taken by the DHA will result in the closure of all departments of the hospital, including the operating rooms. However, the hospital WILL be able to continue the treatment of existing patients but are NOT allowed to accept any new patients for the duration of the closure.

The Dubai based hospital will be re-evaluated after the temporary closure to check if the necessary changes noted by the DHA have been implemented

After three months of closure, the re-evaluation will take place to ensure that a quality medical service is provided to all the patients and if the hospital has complied with standards and regulatory health policies.

The DHA stated that its number one priority is ensuring the utmost safety and wellbeing of the patients seeking medical treatments in the UAE

The DHA also stressed on the fact that they will take serious action against those unable to comply with the standard health and safety regulations.

The name of the hospital can not be disclosed due to legal reasons.


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