Dubai Lawyer Explains How To Claim Insurance If Your Property Has Been Damaged By The Floods

Anika Eliz Baby

The April 16 rains were no joke. It caused quite a lot of damage to property, vehicles, and more.

Navigating insurance claims after weather-related damage to your property can be daunting. But fear not! Dubai-based lawyer Amin Rad @legal.rad has explained the entire process to help make it a little less daunting

With a little bit of patience, you can ensure your rights are protected!

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What to do if your car has been damaged by the flood?

Amin explains it simply in three slides. There is a separate procedure for Dubai residents and other Emirates.

The next step is to read the insurance contract and try to find an “Act of God” clause or something similar. Some contracts do not cover the damages if the driver drives into the flood.

Find it in detail here:

What if my house or business was affected by the floods?

Amin continues to stress the importance of reading your contract well.

If you are renting, the landlord will contact the insurance company. But note that this claim will not be accepted if the damage was caused by you or your negligence.

For business owners, it all comes down to the contract including floods/natural disaster coverage.


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