Dubai Residents Can Now Get Creative And Pitch Names For Roads


Dubai’s Inner Roads Get a Fun Makeover for Easier Navigation

The Dubai Road Naming Committee just declared that Dubai’s inner roads are switching to a fresh naming style. They’re mixing names and numbers to ID the roads, making it simpler for drivers and tourists to find their way around.

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality and Chairman of Dubai Road Naming Committee, highlighted how this new road-naming method will really help folks get around the city more smoothly.

Al Khawaneej 2 Begins Street Naming Journey with Native Flora-Inspired Roads

For the first stage, they started off naming roads in the Al Khawaneej 2 area. The new street names took cues from native trees and flowers, like Al Ghaf Street, named after a super common local tree species.

The new names aim to highlight the unique vibe, cultural heritage, and future goals of the city. Now, they’re gonna consider these names when planning out how they’ll use and develop different areas and projects in each sector.


Suggestions are already FLYING in..

Of course, people will be quick to jump in. As we have got the most creative suggestions via the comment section on our instagram post, some of the suggestions we have got are: -Dubai Bling St.

-Kabab St.

-Hummus St.

-Fadetetch St.

-Galbi St.

-Yalla St.

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