Poll Results Indicate That Dubai Residents Prefer Fancy Hotel Staycays Over Homely Airbnb Picks


In a world where Airbnb is sweeping the globe, changing the way travelers experience their getaways, Dubai stands as an exception. While online studies suggest that Airbnbs are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for vacation accommodations worldwide, a surprising twist emerges in the heart of Dubai – residents here still opt for the grandeur of hotels over trendy Airbnbs for their staycays.

The disruptive force of Airbnb in the travel industry is undeniable. Once you’ve experienced the unique charm of staying in a cozy home away from home, it’s easy to see why many globetrotters are tempted to keep coming back. Online surveys show that a whopping 60% of travelers who have tried both Airbnb and hotels prefer the former for their vacation lodgings.

However, in Dubai, things play out a bit differently. Polls conducted by Lovin Dubai reveal that the majority of Dubai residents still lean towards the allure of all-inclusive, fancy hotel staycations.

A Lovin Dubai follower responded, “Definitely Hotel… you can access to amenities. Dubai has the best hotels in the world anyway.”

Dubai’s residents, while having a taste of both worlds, seem to appreciate the expansive variety offered by hotels

Dubai, often associated with luxury, has a thriving hotel industry that caters to residents and tourists alike. It’s not just about accommodation; it’s about the experience. It’s no wonder that even with the rise of Airbnb, Dubai’s hotels remain the go-to choice for residents seeking an extraordinary staycation.

The numbers and sentiments show that while Airbnb may be changing the game globally, Dubai’s hotel industry continues to thrive, offering a unique blend of luxury and hospitality that keeps residents coming back for more.

Dubai residents clearly ain’t about the basic life…

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