Dubai Taxi Fares Have Increased After The Rise In Petrol Prices

Farah Makhlouf

Dubai Taxi commuters, you’ve been warned! May arrived and with that, the price of petrol has increased slightly. On April 30, the UAE announced the new petrol prices for the month (prices per litre):

  • Super 98: AED3.34 as opposed to AED3.15 in April
  • Special 95: AED3.22 as opposed to AED3.03 in April
  • E-Plus 91: AED3.15 as opposed to AED2.96 in April
  • Diesel: AED3.07 as opposed to AED3.09 in April (so this decreased)

Now yes fueling up your car will cost a bit extra – but so will your taxi fare this month

The rate per KM has increased to AED 2.09 from AED 1.97

So your regular journey will cost just a little more as the rate per KM has increased. However, the base rate of AED12 has remained the same. Just remember the time you book your taxi will change the base rate. If you book during rush hours, you’re bound to pay a little more. Whereas when you hail a cab off the street on a random Saturday at 1 PM, you’ll be charged a little less.


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