The Spice Jet Crew Are At The Centre Of A Gold Smuggling Operation From Dubai To India


A while ago it emerged that a passenger on a Spice Jet plane to India was caught with 1kg of gold in the toilet. This, it seems, was only part of the story. Now two employees have been arrested on charges of smuggling 2566.05 gm worth of gold out of Dubai as police officers in Mangaluru seized 22 pieces of gold biscuits. They admitted to the crime and said they had done it on at least six occasions previously in return for a large sum of money. 

It’s not known how much gold has been smuggled out of Dubai and how long this has been going on, but it seems to be more widespread that first thought. 

Members of the Spice Jet crew admitted to smuggling gold on at least six occasions

This is the route of the plane


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