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Today’s Google Doodle Is Celebrating Egypt’s First Female Lawyers

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Every once in awhile, our Google homepage strikes our attention with a photo and we click on it, to find out what or who is being celebrated. It’s a nice thing Google has been doing for years now to commemorate people in history, depending on the region where the homepage is being clicked.

If you’ve woken up to your Google in the Middle East, chances are, you’re seeing incredible graphics of Egypt’s first female lawyer, Mufihdah Abdul Rahman, with a dedicated doodle.

Google Doodle celebrates Egypt’s first female lawyer, Mufidah Abdul Rahman’s 106th birthday

Who was Mufidah?

Aside from the fact that she was Egypt’s first female lawyer (BAWSS), Mufidah was also the first married woman to enrol at Cairo University’s Faculty of Law, being the first mum to graduate from the school.

It’s great to see Google paying homage to women in history; not letting the wins for women to go unnoticed.

Mufidah was a revolutionary leader in many things, accomplishing a lot of ‘firsts’ in her career- like being the first female lawyer to take on cases to the Court of Cassation in Egypt; or being the first-ever woman to present a case in front of a military court, among other feats.

She was paid in eggs and fruits when she was younger- but went on to plead more than 400 cases

Now that’s BOSS things.

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