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The UAE Has Been Rated As The Third Country In The World Most Ready For Change

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Is the UAE ready for change? Apparently so, and according to this survey the UAE is the third most adaptable country in the world.

A 2017 Change Readiness Index (CRI), released by KPMG looks at the capability of the country as a whole, including government, public and private sector and society, to deal with a range of change factors, manage resulting opportunities and handle potential negative impacts.

Change factors include shocks to financial and social instability, natural disasters, political and economic opportunities and technology, competition, and changes in government risks….

The UAE ranked third of a total 136 countries

Following Switzerland and Sweden who ranked first and second respectively

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The UAE was first for enterprise capability and second on government capability

Somalia placed last on the list, as the country that’s least ready to deal with the given shock factors.

See the full report here

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