Oreo’s New Tweet Has Got Dubai Folks Riled Up And Is Raising Many Red Flags


On Friday the 13th Oreo tweeted an ad for their Oreo cookies that was just as creepy as the date itself and the tweet is going viral for all the WRONG reasons.

Oreo which is a widely POPULAR sandwich cookie brand had tweeted a picture of crushed Oreos in the middle of a book (being used as a bookmark) being dunked with milk… but like… why?

Well, it’s not hard to guess that the tweet by the best-seller cookie brand had riled up many netizens online and they were questioning the purpose of this ad with legit chucklesome gifs and memes. This is why we love the internet.

Why o why would anyone even consider (for even a millisecond) using Oreos and MILK as a bookmark? *Facepalm*

Nope, nope these customers aren’t having it and are calling them out on their bad taste in advertising

They’ve managed to provoke book stores… EVERYWHERE

Other brands are also being criticized for this new publicity technique that’s really not sitting well customers

First, they waste food, then they waste books. This ain’t right

A cookie war may be raisin in the horizon… (Pun intended)

Meanwhile, sitting here getting yelled at by our parents for leaving behind a MORSEL of food on the plate


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