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Rare No.1 Plate In Abu Dhabi Sold For AED 31m

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We saw last month in Dubai AED 33m being spend on a Number 5 car plate, and the hilarious reaction that ensued, and then the resulting black points!

Abu Dhabi held their own auction yesterday, where there was a total of AED 99 million raised, with a rare No. 1 plate commemorating the 50 years of the UAE sold for AED 31 million. That is still short of the most expensive private plate sold in  2008 for AED 52.5m.

The number plates where displayed on stage before the auction to show that they.. erm.. ‘work’…

A glimpse of the rare number plate

The bidding takes place

Twitter user Mahak Mannan who was in the audience reported the plate being sold for AED 31m

‘… proud and happy’

“I’m very proud to get No 1, especially for this golden jubilee, 50 years of the Abu Dhabi Government. I’m very proud and I’m very happy,”

Winning bidder, Abdullah Al Mahri, 32, told The National

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