Samsung Note 7 Officially Banned By Dubai Airports Yet They’re Running Massive Ads On SZR


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been banned from Dubai Airports with immediate effect. 

The device has been in the news for a while now because of its unexplained fires and overheating problems. And now with this new ban, we don’t see the point of those hoardings on Sheikh Zayed Road. If you’re someone who likes to own a phone you can’t travel with then that’s another story, but otherwise do you, like us, believe those ads should be taken down? For the simple reason: how many people can you persuade to buy a product like that? (Sincere apologies to Samsung fans – we’re just sharing our thoughts.)

Passengers travelling from Dubai International or Dubai World Central won’t be able to take the device with them irrespective of how they carry it – in hand, in their cabin bag or checked-in luggage. Airlines such as Emirates, FlyDubai and Etihad have also banned the smartphones.

You can ignore this article and carry it to the airport if you like, but do keep in mind your phone will be confiscated before boarding. 

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