Sharjah Cancels New Year’s Eve Fireworks In Solidarity With Gaza


Amidst the UAE’s legendary New Year’s Eve fireworks fiesta, there’s an unexpected twist this year. While the cities are known for going all out, one Emirate has chosen a different path by canceling its fireworks display, expressing solidarity with Gaza. This unique decision has earned widespread respect from the community…

… and that Emirate is Sharjah!

In an unexpected (but a much respected) move, Sharjah Police threw a curveball on Tuesday night, declaring a ban on all New Year’s Eve celebrations and fireworks. The decision, made in solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, was announced on their official social media account, where they called on all institutions and individuals to cooperate and adhere to the ban. Moreover, the post emphasized that legal measures would be taken against those who violate these instructions.


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The plan was set for a vibrant New Year’s Eve with fireworks scheduled at three different locations across Sharjah

Highlighting that human solidarity is a deeply rooted cultural principle in Sharjah, the police emphasized this before making Tuesday night’s announcement. Furthermore, prior to this unexpected move, it was communicated that three locations in the emirate of Sharjah would host New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Sharjah’s ruler has consistently taken a clear and vocal stance in support of Palestine

His Highness Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi conveyed an emotional message on Palestine stating, “Your calamity is our calamity.” He expressed unwavering support, affirming, “We support them, and we stand by them.”

The death toll in Gaza has been steadily rising…

The war, ongoing since October 7, has seen a devastating toll, with the death count surpassing 20,000. This marks the highest casualties on the Arab side in any conflict with Israel since 1982.

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