The UAE Supports Sudan’s Significant Power-Sharing Deal Between Its Army And Civilians


Sudanese Civilians and the Sudanese army have entered into a transitional power-sharing deal, a move paves the way for a temporary government and general elections.

The deal was met by celebrations in the streets following months of conflict in the Sudanese capital.

Both the Deputy head of the military council Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo and a representative of the opposition alliance Ahmad al-Rabie weres signatories and they were joined by a UAE official and several heads of state, ministers and representatives of regional and international organisations at the ceremony on Saturday.

The US Secretary of State congratulated Sudan

The UAE has long-standing ties with Sudan and affirmed its support to the Sudanese people

The UAE joined an official ceremony held in Khartoum to sign the Constitutional and Political Declarations by the Transitional Military Council, TMC, and Forces of Freedom and Change alliance where  Dr. Sultan bin Ahmad Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of State affirmed its support to Sudan in its quest to create a political system capable of achieving the development of the state and driving the country towards a prosperous future.

The signing aims to create create a stable political system and a ‘peaceful transition of power through dialogue is the most effective, better and sole guarantee for the development and progress of nations, particularly that chaotic experiments have produced disastrous results on many peoples in the region,” according to Dr Al Jaber.


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