The UAE Issues A Warning Against Traveling To Lebanon Amidst Rising Tensions In The Country


On Friday, October 18 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) issued a warning for all UAE citizens against travelling to Lebanon, until further notice over the recent security developments in the region.

The UAE had recently lifted the travel ban for Lebanon this year, which was strictly implemented since 2016 as a result of the Syrian war.

The tensions in Lebanon are rising because of the government’s new plans to impose high taxes during a period where the country’s going through a severe economic crisis.

The MoFAIC has further advised Emirati nationals who’re in Lebanon to seek help from the UAE Embassy in Beirut

So that a safe return to the UAE can be arranged for them.

Other regions in the MENA have also advised its citizens against from travelling to Lebanon

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain are urging citizens that are already in Lebanon to leave immediately due to the biggest protests that the country has witnessed in recent years.

The protests flared up on Thursday and are now entering their second day of demonstrations

These protests are in an effort to prompt the Lebanese government to support the reform drive against the new tax enforcements.

The revolution is to seek a solution and demand a change within the country

You can contact the UAE Embassy in Beirut on the following numbers: 009615928000, 0096171111856 or 0097180044444


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